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About Us


We are quick and install very fast for all your drywall needs. One call to MATCO and you are in. We have over 40 years experience in drywall installation. We have full use of all tools. Ten boxes, twelve boxes. angle heads, angle boxes, full sets of knives, mud pumps, bazookas, screw guns, lifts, scaffold and stilts. We also do stell framing and drop ceilings for your project. Dollar Generals, Planet Fitness, Walmart, Adavanced Auto Parts and Taco Bell just to name a few. We can provide you a good building job at anytime in the year because we have heating. No matter big job or small job weve seen it all. 

Communication is Key

New York City Drywall Repair

Communication is key when working with a contractor. We have built relationships throughout Buffalo and can do any drywall job you need done. We have recently completed a two year project in Buffalo NY and we did it fast. A big job.

We communicate with all builders, contractors and customers better than any other company in the USA. Its our goal to treat each job as the most important job we will ever do. No matter what size the job we always come through. We have worked all over the United States. When working in Atlanta for example performing drywall repair I met some of the best contractors in the world.



Drywall Hanging: We only hang drywall and do not use nails anymore. Known as a drywall hanger we have also begun taping all our own drywall in house. We now have our own.

Drywall Finishing: We only tape and finish drywall. We texture or do smooth jobs as well. Hang and tape.
Painting: Painting is best done by a professional. When you need any painting call MATCO. 

For assistance with Drywall Finisher we recommend NYDRP.   

Steel framing: We perform steel framing and build many walls for commercial propertys. We are fast and can even deliver our own material to your site. Quickly and at a minimal charge for your convienience. 

Drop ceilings: We perform drop ceilings. If your project needs many new ceilings why not drop them. We can install hundreds of square feet of ceiling in a day. Thousands in a week. We are fast and our mains are straight and true.